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Saturday, August 09, 2003
Oi! What are you doing coming back here? Didn't I tell you to Go here for the new and improved version??

...sigh...when will you ever learn?
Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Although patience is a virtue, I have never been known to be particularly patient nor virtuous. Esmerelda’s Adventures in Oz has a new look and a new host. Please redirect your browsers to this address:

you will have to copy and paste the address into your browser as I can not add links with blogger. cheers, mate!

Saturday, August 02, 2003
Friday – Geez, what the heck did we do Friday? A phone call to the house of pain to make an appointment for me (don’t ask, it isn’t pretty – but don’t you dare call me gummy), the afternoon spent cooking a yummy dinner, and much running up and down stairs tending to the laundry. Squeeze in numerous games of jenga, toss in some Ricky Lee Jones (just because we haven’t listened to her in a long time) on the cd player, and a little snogging on the side, and round off the evening by watching a video and scarfing down heaps of popcorn ….
Saturday was a big day for the adults – young Podo was dispatched to Uncle Milo and Aunt Tigerlily’s for an overnighter. Milo, Tigerlily, Mungo and I engaged in a lively philosophical discussion over mugs of tea and hot bread fresh from the oven. Then Mungo and I ventured off to a hardware store, where Mungo engaged in a futile search for some bright shiny bits needed to complete Bramblerose’s bookcase (aka the monolith). Back to the homestead, a quick visit with Bramblerose and then Mungo and I ventured off for a night on the town. I must say, Mungo scrubs up quite nicely! Off to the concert hall we went, where we spent the evening laughing ourselves silly at the comedy of Eddie Izzard. Then we wandered through town, through the old Expo sites (a stroll past a pagoda and through a rain forest is v, v romantic) ending up at a Chinese restaurant indulging ourselves in tasty wine and “bugs”. (For the uninitiated, “bugs” are a crab-like creature found in this part of the world that are a bit like lobster, but not as rich.) Imagine our surprise when we looked around and realized that the crowds surrounding us at the café had disappeared, and we were sitting at a table on a deserted footpath (sidewalk for you yanks). The café owner put no pressure on us to hurry and leave, so we finished our wine, grabbed a taxi and ended the evening, ummmm, in private.
Some fashion statements would be better off left unsaid.
Add bugs to my list of favorite foods.,1.htm
The concert hall in Brisbane is extremely civilized, with frosty adult beverages available pre show and during intermission.
Why in the world would one wear an almost but not quite knee length khaki skirt, knee high boots and patterned black tights?
I should have asked that girl who her hairdresser was so I don’t ever make the mistake of going to that particular salon.
Note to Americans planning on overseas travel – you are going to run across people that are genuinely interested in Americans politics. You had best read up.
I am truly disappointed that I am going to miss “An Audience With The King” tribute to Elvis @ QPAC in September.

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